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Creativity, co-creation and social impact are important elements at The New Wild. Therefore we would like to open The New Wild space for (external) events, retreats and workshops. Here are a few of our first thoughts:

Farm to Table
Once per week a Farm to Table Lunch to share the yield that mother nature provides us with. We give the opportunity to participate on the land in the morning to harvest the veggies and fruits or to help in the kitchen to co-create a beautiful meal. We will then share the meal together after the hard work in the garden. 

Social Impact
Giving the opportunity for reintegrating people that are looking for ways to reconnect with nature and themselves. Holistic Lifestyle support and working on the land as therapy to heal a burn out for example. We will always be looking for collaborations to make a social impact. You can think of working together with schools to educate kids how to grow their own food. Or organizing events to plant trees at The New Wild to compensate CO2.

The New Wild venue: Opportunity for entrepreneurs and individuals to host events or workshops that are aligned with The New Wild philosophy. You can think of retreats, creative workshops such as painting classes, writing circles or permaculture workshops.


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