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A forest garden is a beautiful ecosystem with a large diversity of plants, animals and soil microorganisms. They are designed by nature to have a perfect balance. This balance plays a key role at The New Wild

At The New Wild we are rejecting the usual way of growing food in monocultures and embracing permaculture – a form of holistic gardening aimed at creating harmony in the environment. One of the techniques of permaculture is to create a forest garden. 

While creating a forest garden, we embrace a planting method that is not only holistic but requires little input once you have planted your garden. Creating an environment that is more like one that would exist in nature, instead of gardening in the modern way using standardized beds and rows.

Forests grow and survive without input from humans. They die and regenerate all without someone watering, fertilizing, and weeding them. Forests also have multiple layers of plants that support each other and don’t require maintenance. It makes sense to take inspiration from the forest environment when growing food.

Apart from what we humans can benefit from this garden, it is interesting to realize that a well-managed and diversified garden is like a metropolis for wildlife. It unites hundreds of tree varieties, vegetables, birds and flowers, millions of insects, a trillion mushrooms, and countless amphibians, rodents, fishes and butterflies… balancing each other throughout the four seasons. 

Watch the short video below and discover the forest garden...

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