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The New Wild is a place where nature has plenty of room to develop. Here you see, smell, taste and feel the earth at its purest. The landscape here is not shaped by man, but by nature itself. That makes The New Wild an authentic place with attention for everything that lives. 
Our mission is to develop The New Wild with the associated natural values and landscape elements as naturally as possible. Here we give space to natural processes with nature as the director. This gives the area the opportunity to recover, rewild and develop with more biodiversity and many original plants, trees and animals: The New Wild! 

We want to inspire, involve and show people that it is possible to look at nature in different ways, and themselves. All by a down to earth and playful approach. In this way we promote harmony between people and the environment.

The New Wild is the start of something bigger. In the future, we will add and include more pieces of land to our reforestation project.

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