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Our philosophy about what to do in the world, isn't going to a pristine area to live there and enjoy your life. It's to find a place that's degraded and fix it up. "An invitation to wildness". 

We have always loved wild places. Places where nature is in charge. But we grew up in a very different world. A world of pristine lawns and the perfect city life.

This 'perfect life' or 'man made world' focused on economic growth is pushing all essential life support systems to their limits, heading towards ecological breakdown. We are reaching tipping points: Peak water, pea
k soil, peak health and peak climate are driving global civilization into a state of emergency.

We are ready to disrupt this failed system, starting with a small scale initiative but aiming for a bigger impact. We are here to write the story of our generation by placing cooperation over competition and quality over quantity. 

We are Eline, Bob & Cuba and we want to contribute by 
rewilding 20 hectares of land to restore the soil and ecosystems. We will start with many natives, use plants and trees that naturally occur on this part of the Iberian peninsula. We are going to plant a forest garden, dig ponds, wildflower meadows, create a medicinal garden, and much more. Everything will be done in harmony with nature in the hope of attracting as many creatures as possible to come and live here with us. 

The New Wild is a place to reconnect with nature by restoring it to its own true nature!


A little bit more about what brought us here...
In October 2019 we left our corporate life in Amsterdam to see more of the world. A big change from the city life, to the simple life in a campervan. Our adventure brought us to the most beautiful places on earth and the biggest gift: Living close to nature.

Our 3-week internship at The New Earth Cooking School in rural Bali, deepened our connection with nature. We learned innovative ways of growing and preparing food in harmony with The Earth.  

The journey made us realize how incredibly beautiful nature is, that we are inextricably linked, but also how much we were disconnected from it. We reconnected by studying and participating in various permaculture initiatives, holistic practices which changed our view on the future. We see the pressure on our earth due to climate change, a degrading biodiversity and a changing society due to the outbreak of a pandemic.

We see and feel that there is a big need to reduce our footprints, change our behaviours to live a in more sustainable way. For us, The New Wild  is that place where we can make a difference on a small scale.

Let's preserve Mother Nature together! Are you in?



Hi folks, my name is Cuba!

I am part of The New Wild team. In October 2020, I have been adopted by my fellow co-founders Bob & Eline. For a short time I was living in the AEZA dog shelter in Aljezur. I am the reason why Bob & Eline are so often in nature and that they slow down, because I always live in the moment. 

I am very happy to be part of The New Wild team and to practice my project management skills. Most of the time I am Cuba Libre, but sometimes they put me on a leash. 

My main task at The New Wild to preserve and protect the land. Sometimes you will see me taking breaks in the sun, doing an upward dog or chasing a kitty cat.

Come and take a walk with me, reconnect with nature and enjoy the good vibes at The New Wild!

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