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The two old farms (ruins) are situated in the middle of the plot, 3500 metres from the ocean and 80 metres above sea level. What we envision from here is looking out over The New Wild green oasis; ponds, the forest garden, the greenhouse and a stone's throw away of the wild Atlantic Ocean. 

One ruin is 85 m2 and the other ruin is 200 m2, a total space for tourism of 285 m2. They are connected to multiple water sources and have electricity. With a Rural Tourism project we will be able to increase the urban area to 600 m2. We will hire a local architect who designs sustainable with 'Taipa' (compressed earth) to draw up a building plan including all permits for a traditional farmstay. The licencing process will take at least one year. Two more years for increasing and renovating the ruins into the main T3* farmhouse of 85 m2 and four T2* lodges of 50 m2, possibly extended with a sophisticated veranda.

The emblematic ruins, with walls that tell stories, will be carefully rebuilt, using traditional methods and locally sourced materials, guaranteeing the house modern and harmonious comfort, in line with nature.

* T2 means: 2 separate bedrooms/ T3 means: 3 separate bedrooms 


The New Wild farmhouse will be a renovated T3 (85 m2 self catered) Algarvian quinta almost a century old. In keeping with its values of promoting and protecting nature, we followed the principles of natural construction for its restoration. The materials we want to use for the creation of the farmhouse and lodges are taipa, rocks, glass and wood. We aim to source all the materials locally. This is how the old ruin will be transformed into an eco-luxury farmhouse and two lodges whilst respecting the holistic principles on which The New Wild is based.

The architectural elements play a fundamental role in the balance between sustainability, simplicity, luxury, tradition and modernity. The large windows have a passive solar design and offer spectacular views of the magnificent forest gardens and Mount Fóia. The warm water supply at The New Wild will be supported by the solar heating system and most of the electricity will come from solar panels. The different coloured lights imbue the space with a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.

The shelves generously stocked with books ranging in topics from regenerative farming and permaculture to philosophy to invite our thoughts to wander them. Reading a book warmly in front of the fireplace or out in the hammock under the sun. It is the seamless blend between the traditional, simple and natural that creates a unique space that is beautiful, relaxing and down to earth.

Prospect: In three years time we want to develop the farmhouse. We will live in the farmhouse ourselves with the opportunity to rent it out in summer. The estimated net revenue (before tax) is 16.000 euro per year. 



Opposite to the farmhouse you find four T2 (50 m2 self catered) lodges with a magnificent view on the wild forest garden and Mount Fóia. Like the farmhouse, the lodges have large windows, are running on passive solar heating and have a cozy fireplace.


An opportunity to wake up from the sunlight and have a morning coffee at the veranda. Don't forget to check out the hammock where you can read a book or gaze into the sky full of stars. 

 The interior of the lodges will be minimalistic with high quality natural furniture. A space that is breathing slowness and the ultimate place to watch the sunset with a good glass of wine. 

Prospect: In three years time we want to develop the lodges. The 4 lodges will provide an estimated net revenue (before tax) 70.000 euro per year. 




Close to The New Wild you find the beautiful beaches Vale dos Homens, Odeceixe, Amoreira and Monte Clerigo. Here you can relax on your towel and read a book or catch some waves on your surfboard.


Another place to find refreshment, is in The New Wild natural pool. There is a community space with a kitchen, pizza oven and fireplace to enjoy time together with other guests and locals. The wooden platform gives the opportunity to practice yoga or any other outdoor sports activity.


Follow the path through the forest and find the spa area with a jacuzzi and a sauna on wood. Our idea is also to develop a communal to play for example jeu des boules and chess. Don't worry about the internet quality at The New Wild. The fast and stable connection makes it the ideal natural getaway for a workation.


Guests at The New Wild always have the opportunity to walk through the forest gardens and pick fruits and veggies for their own use. There will be several places in the forest where guests and visitors can relax on a bench or have lunch at a picnic table.


Upon request and at a small additional fee, guests can plant multiple trees at The New Wild to positively contribute to their travel emissions. 

Wooden house 6.jpg


With the agricultural plan we will build a warehouse to support our activities on the land. The idea is to build a T3 wooden house of 60 - 90 m2 where we can initially live to be 24/7 on the land.


It is an important part of The New Wild journey to be present at the land from day 1. We will be able to observe the land, work on the land and support the builders in the reconstruction of the farmhouse and lodges.


Once the farmhouse is finished, we will use the wooden house for commercial activities or to host WOOFERS/Workawayers (travellers who want to give back to the communities and places they visit). 

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