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Banks in Portugal do not provide loans for the purchase of land with a non-habitable farm without an architectural plan.

We can invest € 60.000 in equity with which we can finance 13% of the project. To make the purchase of land and ruins possible, we need a funding of € 406.000.

For the second phase of this project, we will apply for the construction mortgage for the final renovation of the farmstay and lodges. This works out to approximately € 1.500 - € 1.750 per m2. The estimation is that the renovation will be finished in approximately 3 years.

Legal entity
In the background, we are currently sorting out with our accountant the best legal entity for The New Wild. We will most probably be registered as farmers, to mark our project as an agricultural activity. In Portugal, the government is stimulating agricultural practices, which brings a variety of benefits.

Owning the estate makes us eligible for various EU subsidies in the context of sustainable agriculture and eco-tourism. The Green Deal of EU Climate Commissioner Frans Timmermans can be a driving force behind this. Besides potential benefits, we will also encounters obstacles and we all know our favorite program 'I Leave / Ik Vertrek'. It is very important that we are surrounded by the right people. We have professional contacts in all fields who will support us in this project; you can think of an experienced architect with these type of projects to a trustworthy attorney. This is the advantage of living for 1.5 year in Aljezur.

Are you inspired by our project? Read below how you can be part of this project!

How are we investing the funding?
Here you see an overview of our financial plan, the total investment to realize The New Wild. Take a moment to read through the visual to understand the costs of the project.

Total investment - Azia 1.png

   € 160.000 

Achieved: 59%
Goal: € 270.000
To be funded: € 110.000

Details of the campaign:
Amount of investors: 16
Average investment: € 10.000
Annual return: 4%
Duration of the loan: 10 years
Minimal investment: € 5.000



With relatively low entry costs, we will set up a unique sustainability project, step by step, in which people can participate in many ways. Upon reaching the crowdfunding goal of € 220.000 we have to repay a total of € 2.220 per month to our investors. The loan will be repaid in 10 one-year installments.

Return on investment
To start with, you will receive an interest of 4% per year on the outstanding amount of your loan. We repay the amount that you lend us in 10 installments of one year (annuity loan: the yearly payback amount is always the same). The repayment starts one year after the end of the crowdfunding campaign (eg July 2023). Your total return - if the loan has been repaid in full - is then 21.5% (eg 2.149 euros interest on an investment of 10.000 euros).

How to pay it back?
A big advantage is that this repayment of € 2.220  includes almost all our housing costs, because we will first live in the wooden house. In addition, we bought a new apartment in early 2021 via a mortgage loan. The apartment is a few minutes' walk from the ocean in the middle of the breathtaking Costa Vicentina National Park and will yield an average net rental amount of € 1.200 per month. In the second visual below you see how we envision our repayment plan.

The Aljezur rental market
The Aljezur region has the highest average rental value in Portugal in the summer months (source: AirBnB). This is partly explained by statistics from an annual report by the municipality of Aljezur, which shows that the region has a shortage of accommodations to cope with the growing number of tourists. Besides our freelance jobs, we are working for Lisbeyond (a property management company from Lisbon). Since July 2021, we are representing the West Algarve region and we manage several apartments in the area. Knowing the Aljezur rental market and having the right connections is a big plus for our project. 

How to pay it back 5.png

To investors

For example, you lend us  € 5.000

Date: 01-07-2023
Repayment: € 415
Interest: € 192
Total: € 607
Date: 01-07-2033

Repayment: € 594
Interest: € 13
Total: € 607

Total: € 1.074 interest in 10 years = 21.5%


We are looking for investors that feel inspired by our project. For this project we need funding, but in our hearts we are looking for investors that want to join to forces to reduce our ecological footprint and restore this beautiful place into a paradise. 

It would be most beneficial to attract investors that can fund at least € 5.000 up to ....?
Besides receiving a decent return in euros, we have arranged all kinds of rewards. The amount of investment determines the package you will receive.

Benefits investors 2.png

to investors

For example if you lend us: € 10.000

Date: 01-07-2023
Repayment: € 830
Interest: € 385
Total: € 1.215
Date: 01-07-2033

Repayment: € 1.189
Interest: € 26
Total: € 1.215

Total: € 2.149 interest in 10 years = 21.5% 


The minimum investment for this annuity loan is € 5,000. 

Thanks for your support!

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